DIY Tea Cup Candles -4 Simple Steps!

Feeling Inspired

This project was so much fun to do… and EASY! The best part was I convinced my hubby to pour us a glass of wine and join in. These candles turned out to be the perfect Christmas gift. We had a blast making them one stormy, cold night!

What you will need:

  • Vintage tea cups (you can find these at the second hand store)
  • Candle wax flakes
  • Double sided tape
  • Wooden skewers
  • Candle wick
  • Essential oil (whatever scent you want!)
  • Stove, oven mitts, a shallow pot & a big glass measuring cup


[Step 1] Place a piece of double sided tape in the inside of each tea cup at the bottom.  Stick the wick standing straight up and make sure it is secure.

[Step 2] Fill your shallow pot with just over an inch of water. Place you glass measuring cup in the middle and turn the stove on high. Wait for the water to start boiling. Adjust heat accordingly, pour the wax flakes into the measuring cup and continuously stir until the wax flakes are completely opaque/clear. If you want your candles to have any scent to them, mix in a few drops of essential oils (I used lavender). Remember a little goes a long way!!

[Step 3] Grab those over mitts! Use one oven mitt and carefully pull the glass measuring cup out of the billing water. Be sure to dry the bottom off with a tea towel. This will prevent hot water from dripping and burning you. Use one hand to hold the wick straight and the other hand to slowly pour in the melted wax. Fill the tea cup until about 1-2 cm from the top. Once the wax is poured, use a skewer on each side of the wick to keep it in place! *Make sure you immediately pour any remaining wax in a container you can throw away and rinse your measuring cup right away! Wax is very messy to clean and not so good on your drain.

[Step 4] Now it’s time to wait! Go grab that glass of wine you poured and relax. The hard part is over. Let your teacup candles sit for about 2-3 hours before you try to trim the wicks or light them. The wax should look cloudy and feel firm like any ordinary candle.

And there you have it! Adorable teacup candles in 4 simple steps. This project will probably cost you about $30 -$40  (the tea cups are the most expensive part!)


♥ Olivia ♥


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